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Anyone Can Champion The Cause.

Whether you’re speaking out to improve Health, Education, Environment, Poverty Alleviation, Human Rights or Peace, inspiring hope and creating opportunities or reaching out to government, parliament or other relevant forum, ‘Progress’ shall support your efforts to help build a better tomorrow.

So go ahead and advocate with the ‘Progress’ support.

Do it in public. Be visible. Be loud.

Current Scenario

We are living through extraordinary times. The world is slowly—and unsteadily—emerging from the worst financial and economic crisis in recent history. The challenges that have followed in the wake of these events have had serious and lasting implications especially for the developing countries. With resources as scarce as they have been in decades, nearly every challenge that we seek to address looks less soluble than it did even a few short years ago.

In context to Pakistan’s scenario our human development indicators are still low despite significant progress in recent years Efforts to eradicate poverty are to be approached through multi-disciplinary systems, targeting issues of improving education and health, protecting natural resources, preventing impacts of natural disasters, ensuring economic and social well-being, and improving capacity and institutional development

About Us

Progress Advocacy also encompasses notions of power relations, people’s participation and a vision of a just society. Progress believes it is critical to bring the real world impact of laws, policies, and programs on the lives of the masses. Progress directly advocates to members of national and provincial assemblies government officials, opinion makers intellectuals civic society and other revalent stakeholders with the objective to build support and funding for public policy making and programs.

Our Guiding Values

We are guided by the Universal principles of: Diversity, Equal Opportunity, Accountability, Democracy, Transparency, Integrity, Justice, Change, Service.

What is Advocacy

Advocacy can be defined as attempting to influence public policy and resource allocation decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions. It may be motivated from moral, ethical or faith principles or simply to protect an asset of interest, through education, lobbying, or political pressure. Advocacy groups through the utilization of sound research data for educating the public as well as policy makers, thereby improving the public policy process, what legislation is needed to address problems and the funding required to provide services or conduct research. It is now clear that public policy priorities are influenced by advocacy.

Shaping public policy is a complex and multifaceted process that involves the interplay of numerous individuals and interest groups competing and collaborating to influence policymakers to act in a particular way. These individuals and groups use a variety of tactics and tools to advance their aims.

Our Goal

Our advocacy efforts to create or change policies, laws, regulations, distribution of resources or other decisions that affect people’s lives and to ensure that such decisions lead to implementation. Our advocacy is generally directed at policy makers including politicians, government officials and public servants, but also private sector leaders whose decisions impact upon people’s lives, as well as those whose opinions and actions influence policy makers, such as journalists and the media and development agencies. Our goals are in line with the public interest, and demand leading to improvement in people’s lives.

Advocacy Video

Our Strategy

Advocacy has been a important part of progress Think Tanks work and strategy. Policy change rarely happens overnight and is often linked to broader change in the political environment. Effective advocacy requires long-term as well as short-term thinking, an understanding of the points of resistance and the means to gain traction, the readiness to form alliances, and the flexibility to seize windows of opportunity. To reach our ambitious goals, we engage and dialogue with a broad range of stakeholders and communities on the issues we feel are critical to peace, progress and development.

Advocating for Public Causes

This encompasses notions of power relations, people’s participation and a vision of a just society. Progress believes it is critical to bring the real world impact of laws, policies, and programs on the lives of the masses. Progress directly advocates to members of national and provincial assemblies government officials, opinion makers, intellectuals, civic society and other relevant stakeholders with the objective to build support for public policy legislation and funding for public policy making and programs Advocacy is inherently political and an understanding of political dynamics is at the heart of effective advocacy.

What We Do

Our work encompasses a wide range of activities that influence policy and decision maker. Effective communication is at the heart of our advocacy and evidence based arguments and commendations presented effectively and appropriately so that they are heard by policy makers and other influencers of public policy, including members of civil society.

When we talk about advocacy, we are not only talking about influencing legislators and politicians, or grassroots organizing and campaigning, But we also advocate by seeking to build a strong knowledge base upon which to act and create support for public issues, and engage others to join the cause, and lend our unique voice to aid and advance our and similar work.

Progress advocates to help government and communities address important and critical issues and concerns over a diverse and wide range of subject including, economic, political, and social and environment to build a better future shaped and shared by all.

Progress believes it is critical to bring the real word impact of laws, policies, and programs on the lives of the masses. Progress directly advocates to members of the government officials, and with the objective to build support and funding for public policy makings and programs. To this end progress Advocacy utilizes different approaches carrying out diverse set of activities for bringing the desired societal changes.

Facilitating Communication’s

High levels of global independence further require sovereign governments to continually inform other governments of how and why they are undertaking a particular course of action. At times, governments must go well beyond information dissemination and persuade other governments to enact, amend or reverse policy positions. Most often, these responsibilities are carried out through diplomatic channels, including embassies. However, governments often will find they need special local expertise to manage the intricacies of policy-making and communication when there are complicated issues and multiple decision-makers shaping policy.

Our Tools

  • Education
  • Awareness - Mass Rallies, & Walks
  • Media Campaign - Publications – Brochure, Flyers etc
  • Public Speaking - Conferences, Seminars etc
  • Press Conferences - SMS, E-Mails
  • Print Media - Inter Personal Contact
  • TV Appearances - Lobbying
  • Bill Boards & Adds - Consultancy & Advisory
  • Communities Practice
  • Public Meetings

Actions For Advocacy Issues

These comprise of a series of actions taken with highlighting of issues to change the “what is” into a “what should be. These actions vary with the existing political, economic and social environment and are directed towards

  • Question the way policy is administered.
  • Participate in the agenda setting as they raise significant issues
  • Target political systems “because those systems are not responding to people’s needs”
  • Are inclusive and engaging
  • Propose policy solutions
  • Open up space for public argumentation
  • Support the development of the culture of democracy.
  • In addition progress advocacy seeks to influence government policies with the objective to:
  • Assist in the development of better public policy
  • Ensure government’s accountability to citizens.
  • Give a voice to (misrepresented) citizen interests.
  • Mobilized citizens to participate in the democratic process.

Scope Of Work

Progress Advocacy encourages, promotes and supports:

  • Citizen Engagement
  • Crime & Justice
  • Transparency & corruption
  • Education
  • Environment & Climate
  • Fiscal & Budgetary
  • Health Care
  • Int'l Trade, Develop
  • Welfare & Social Issues
  • Economy
  • Labor & Markets
  • Media & Communications
  • Military & Defense
  • Governance Public Administration
  • Regional & Sectorial
  • Science & Technology

Energy Policy Initiative

Attempts to oppose and obstruct the efforts for utilizing our national natural energy resources are simply redundant, old-fashioned political biased bigotry with vested interests and an attempt to manipulate political points scoring and gains at the cost of public and greater national interest. The progress advocacy initiative attempts to move into action the ongoing debate on the issues of water, dams and development highlighting the pros and cons to the both sides of the debate ,while engaging the stake holders and utilizing the advantage of existing resources and experts for a win win situation. We also beware the nation on urgency of the issue viz a viz or development polices and on the importance of utilizing our indigenous resources for achieving self sufficiency in meeting our energy , agriculture and drinking water requirements.

Education Policy Initiative

Advocacy is an essential element of Progress agenda and action. Our advocacy efforts are directed to help to accelerate national education and literacy drive towards the achievement of the MDG.S by holding the national leadership to its commitments and by sustaining political momentum for achieving the desired results. Progress uses different advocacy opportunities to promote the right to education of all children, youth and adults and to place education at the top of the political agenda. These include continuing dialogue with government, multilateral and intergovernmental agencies, civil society, parliamentarians and the private sector, awareness-raising campaigns, observing World Teachers’ Day, International Literacy Day), preparation and dissemination of communication materials, ,mobilization of prominent advocates for education, dissemination of research based publications through various networks , utilization of media ev to spread messages to a wider public audience etc.

Democracy Initiative

Progress Democracy Initiative seeks to bring the idea of representative self-government closer to reality. The initiative seeks to collaborates with grassroots groups, advocacy organizations, and reform-minded legislatures, politicians, government officials and others to eliminate barriers to full and equal political participation by all irrespective of any discrimination and to promote state institutions that meaningfully reflect the diverse interests and views of the populace. We also advocate accountability, transparency, rule of law, civil rights, empowerment of women and the sanctity of vote .We also advocate for free and fair elections, end to horse changing, declaration of assets and broad based electoral reforms. We urge for a balanced and good relations between all the three pillars of the state especially emphasizing for good civil military relations.

Justice Initiative

The Progress Justice Advocacy initiative is dedicated to justice system reform that secures the rule of law, reducing the gap between rich and the poor, the weak and the strong and upholding the promise of equitable justice a day to day reality ensuring that courts and other social institutions remain open and fair, in criminal and civil matters, despite disparities of wealth , power and influence. The initiative also aims to restore accountability, transparency and the constitution’s structural checks and balances in providing both freedom and national security in an era of enhanced executive powers .It also advocates for structural approaches to counter terrorism that yield more effective laws sensitive to civil liberties and to provide representation, and counsel to the detainees in counter-terrorism operations

Trans National Initiative

The phenomenon of globalization draws a special attention to advocacy beyond national borders. The co existence of international networking demonstrates the increasing importance of transnational and national advocacy. Transnational advocacy networks are more likely to emerge around issues where external influence is necessary to ease the communication between internal groups, government and the international actors. To further its mission, Progress Trans National Advocacy initiative programs promote and encourage such networking activities essential for exchange of information and ideas.

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