Human Rights

Human Rights




Our Vision

A Peaceful And Secure Society With Freedom And Justice For All.
We believe that a world where people’s civil ,political ,social, economic rights and liberties are respected is a safer world to live in. Our vision is based on the universal principles Islam which mandates that all human beings are equal in respect to their inherent dignity, self respect and rights irrespective of any discrimination what so ever and in line with the UN human rights declaration which acknowledges that respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms constitutes a significant factor for creating peace, justice and the development of friendly relations and cooperation between individuals, communities, and at the national and international levels.

Who We Are

The Human Rights Forum supports the efforts of human rights activists, the victims of the human rights abuses, and strengthens the national and the grass roots system to advance and protect the human rights, including; civil, political, social, economic, and cultural rights and freedoms as enshrined in the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It specially emphasizes on the protection of the rights of the minorities, the women, children, the handicapped and the special groups of people. It also undertakes a range of activities to strengthen such rights as the bedrock of peaceful and just societies.

Our Mission

Our Mission Is To Empower And Defend People’s Civil And Political Rights .

Our overall mission is to improve and accelerate individuals and communities access to freedoms and justice through improved mechanisms for the realization of civil and political rights. To achieve our mission, we aim to ensure that people particularly the weak and the marginalized who are often in the firing line of the human rights violations are empowered to claim their rightful rights, receive legal aid and access to information, improve government compliance in law and practice and the implementation of human rights norms, values and standards.

Human Rights Concerns

Education, Awareness
& Sensitization

The international community has recognized the fundamental contribution of human rights education and awareness to the realization of human rights, which aims at developing an understanding of our common responsibility to make human rights a reality in all societies. In this sense, it contributes to the long-term prevention of human rights abuses and violent conflicts, the promotion of equality and sustainable development and the enhancement of participation in decision-making processes within a democratic system.With this background Progress human rights activities including education, awareness and training are directed at fostering the development of attitudes and behaviors needed to uphold a culture of human rights and to develop the skills, knowledge and the mechanisms needed to protect, defend , promote, apply and practice human rights in our daily life…. more

Women & Child

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights” These rights represent the minimum standards required for individuals to live in dignity and with equal opportunity – cannot be taken away and apply equally to men and women, girls and boys. Yet in our compartmentalized world, the rights of women and those of children have often been promoted in isolation from one another. Women despite being entitled to the same rights to life, education, economic, health, employment, cultural and political participation as men. However, in practice, these rights are violated every day in multiple ways – in virtually every country in the world. The protection of women’s rights is important in itself and for the achievement of children’s rights. We promote  activities that  create awareness on these important issues…..more

Help Line

'Progress' Help Line is a free community oriented services program providing information and referral line that helps people- in need find resources and generate ideas for solving problems.

The primary goal of Help Line is to empower community members to make their own choices and accept consequences by providing information, education and support. Our callers will then be able to move through a crisis feeling empowered by the choices that they have made themselves.

We endeavor to provide a safe environment for an exchange of information.


Prisoners Welfare

Prisoners Welfare Service is a project of the ‘Progress’ Peace and Human Rights Program. It works for promoting a better understanding of what prison is and what it does to people. It endeavors for the improvement and well being of the prisoners in the short term to the dismantling of the present prison system as a means of containment.

In the realization that women often suffer oppression as a result of their general low status in the society the service aims at women offenders in prison and prohibition services working effectively to stop them from re-offending, providing women prisoners, those discharged from prisons and the vulnerable women in particular a network of a support in the community, including access to justice, freedom and human dignity.


Human Rights Concerns



Human rights abuses in Jammu and Kashmir, a disputed territory administered by India, is an ongoing issue of suffering’s where every passing moment is death of human rights. Mass killings, forced disappearances,

torture, rape & sexual abuse to political repression & suppression of freedom of speech have become an integral part of their day to day life.& The Indian army,& central reserve police force,

border security personnel and various hindu militant groups have been accused and held accountable for committing severe human rights abuses against Kashmiri civilians



Israel enforces severe and discriminatory restrictions on Palestinians’ human rights, and it builds and supports unlawful settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Its security forces appear to use excessive force against Palestinian demonstrators and suspected attackers, raising the specter of extra-judicial killings. It has renewed the practice of punitive home demolitions.

The Israeli army arrests students and activists allegedly for their political affiliation or because they express criticism of continuing occupation and engage in torture and target killings.



The Rohingya muslims have been persistently subjected to a systemic, state-sponsored campaign of violence, abuse, and discrimination.Restrictions on freedom of religion, expression, association, and assembly persist amid challenges to democracy,weak justice systems,rampant corruption and censorship.The government actively suppresses perceived dissent,and the space for human rights is diminishing. In the past three years,more than 120,000 Rohingya muslims have fled sectarian violence in Rakhine State.Approximately 140,000 remain in internal displacement Parliament has also adopted new legislation to restrict freedom of religion and entrench discrimination against the Muslim minority



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