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About This Program


Humans are the most intelligent and dominant form of life on this earth and have a natural desire to be free and live in peace. Peace is undoubtedly one of the most universal and significant of human ideals and is perhaps also one of the most complex concepts in human history. It is also described as "one of the few positive symbols having meaning for the whole of humanity". We can logically assume that World Peace is something that 99.9% of the 6.5 billion People in this world would want and support if there was a way to achieve that World Peace.

"That a peace based exclusively upon the political and economic arrangements of governments would not be a peace which could secure the unanimous, lasting and sincere support of the peoples of the world, and that the peace must therefore be founded, if it is not to fail, upon the intellectual and moral solidarity of mankind."


Conflict Resolution

Conflict is understood differently by different persons. Understanding of conflict shapes individual’s decision and behavior. Thus frequent dialogue and interactions on conflict are necessary to bring a more or less common and collective understanding of a conflict, its origin, root causes, historical trends, temporal development, existing and long-term impacts, and future perspectives to facilitate conflict transformations.

Conflicts and contradictions are inherent in any place, condition, society, group and time. If we care to understand the philosophy of ‘Unity of Opposites’, peace and conflict face each other as two sides of a coin. The so-called times of peace or conflict are thus relative to a dynamic equilibrium determined by an ever-changing scenario relating these. Hence, the logic of addressing or solving a conflict, face to face, with dialogue and communication of understandings! A conflict can’t be eliminated by force or wishful thinking.


Human Rights

The human rights forum of the program works and promotes for establishing an atmosphere of social justice, tolerance and peace where people can overcome poverty and live in harmony, with freedom for fear from all forms of discrimination and prejudice, freedom from want and the right to employment and well being and collectively to development with dignity and self respect. It specially emphasizes on the protection of the rights of the minorities, the women, children, the handicapped and the special groups of people. It shall emulate from the universal declaration of the human rights.

It works for awareness of the understanding of other’s cultures, customs, respect and beliefs of the peoples around the world, to appreciate the differences, to discover similarities and to develop empathy for others – all necessary for creating a harmonious society and a culture of global peace.


Our Projects

School's For Peace

School's for Peace is a Progress’ initiative to provide support to schools around the country that have declared a commitment to creating and maintaining a culture of peace and of promoting the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values needed to bring about the behavior changes that will enable children, youth and adults to prevent conflict and violence, both overt and structural. We also promote innovative ideas that help to build a school environment that creates a culture of respect, tolerance, peace and harmony.


Cities Of Peace

Cities of Peace is a Progress initiative dedicated to promoting and fostering communities that by history, resolution, or proclamation are endeavoring to define their communities as cities of Peace. It is a call for community action... a promise... a neighborhood revitalization effort... a business initiative... a government initiative... a creative calling... an effort to build sustainable communities and the fulfillment of the National and Global Dream-A life of Peace, safety, prosperity for all - the universal values that bring peace to our lives.


Conflict Resolution Training

Prisoners Welfare Service

Prisoners Welfare Service is a project of the ‘Progress’ Human Rights Program. It works for promoting a better understanding of what prison is and what it does to people. It endeavors for the improvement and well being of the prisoners in the short term to the improvements for prisoners and in the long term, to the dismantling of the present prison system as a means of containment.

In the realization that women often suffer oppression as a result of their general low status in the society the service aims at women offenders in prison and prohibition services working effectively to stop them from re-offending, providing women prisoners, those discharged from prisons and the vulnerable women in particular a network of a support in the community, including access to justice, freedom and human dignity.



We endeavors to establish a culture of peace, promoting goodwill and understanding among communities and nations and promoting a vision of world without war, and striving for society building through diminishing violence both within and between nation states, encouraging tolerance, diplomacy, communication and negotiations for conflict prevention and resolution.

We also bewares of the threat of nuclear war and, making great efforts for unifying common beliefs, decreasing doctrinal differences and urging for consideration of alternatives to violence and war. Its activities and work are be inspired by UNESCO Culture for Peace Framework.

About Us

The Progress Peace and Conflict Resolution Initiative is an independent non-partisan forum engaged in local intra-societial, national, regional, international conflict transformation and peace building. We endeavors to establish a culture of peace, promoting goodwill and understanding among communities and nations and promoting a vision of a community without violence and strife necessary for society building through diminishing conflict both within the communities and between nation states, encouraging tolerance, diplomacy, communication and negotiations for preventing conflicts and promoting peace.

We also offers services in the fields of peace building, conflict prevention and transformation, dialogue facilitation, training, research, and public awareness.

Our Approach

Our approach is based on interdisciplinary research in the areas of international , regional, national and local peace and conflict resolution, critical systems theory, culture, and communication studies, political psychology, group psychotherapy and others in cooperation with renowned institutions, universities, researchers, experts, networks and practitioners. We continuously develop and update our services and strive to contribute to the areas of conflict transformation and peace building.

Network And Membership

We coordinate a network of experts in the field of non-violent conflict transformation and peace building as well as in related fields. We use our network as a resource to provide high quality services. The members of the network will profit from the following services:

  •  Entry in our expert pool and possibility to be included in our projects where appropriate.
  •  Member discount on ‘Progress’ activities and events.
  •  Possibility to use our meeting and mediation facilities.
  •  Participation to working groups on projects, prof. exchange, peer consulting (interviews) etc.
  •  Training events for the network members as well as network meetings.
  •  As a member of our network you are entitled to a 50% discount on the fee to be a recognized mediator by the foundation for progress.

Our Objectives:

  •  Peace building on individual, societal and national and international levels;
  •  Promotion of non-violent conflict transformation;
  •  Promotion of conflict sensitive approaches in local and national levels.
  •  Prevention of violence and war;
  •  Support to people afflicted by catastrophes and conflicts both home and abroad;
  •  Assistance of reconciliation processes, especially after violence and war;
  •  Development of cultures and structures that promote peaceful fulfillment of the human basic needs;
  •  Integration of diverse communities and ethnicities for endeavor to co-exist in keys and harmony.

Our Programs

Our Services

Our Services Include:

Peace & Conflict Resolution


The importance of conflict transformation and mediation is constantly growing in the era of globalization whether in regard to the economy, society, politics, development cooperation, peace building or everyday life. This training course helps building the respective capacities and skills.

Our approach combines systemic, cultural-hermeneutic, group analytic, gestalt pedagogic and other dimensions. The approach underlines the transformation of the behaviour, strategies, attitudes and assumption. Furthermore, it helps to transcend contradictions and objectives that appear to be incompatible at first sight.


National & International Publication

Conducting Track II Peace Making
April 2012
Practitioner Tool
by Heidi Burgess and Guy Burgess

Download the handbook
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Managing Fighting Forces
DDR in Peace Processes

February 2012
Practitioner Tool by Kelvin Ong

Download the handbook
 (PDF/0.85 MB)

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