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Vision Of 'Progress'

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Meeting Challenges
National & Global


Global Scenario

The world today is highly unsettled and perhaps at a critical point in human history. The challenges and threats poised at the onset of the new millennium are complex and multidimensional. Globalization and the rapid and revolutionary progress in the communication and information technology systems have dismantled the barriers of time and distance In this transformed global landscape, the impacts of emerging issues, and challenges in a country transcend national boundaries with consequences in distant countries These issues include terrorism and the war on terror, which have dramatically reshaped the world agenda, resurgence of ideology and religion in all societies, globalization, power politics, war and conflict, improving human resources, environment and meeting emerging security threats.

Who Are We ?

Emerging in wake of major political, economic, social and security challenges ‘Vision’ of Progress - The Think Tank is a multidisciplinary, non-partisan and a progressive a knowledge based public policy research, analysis, advocacy and an engagement institution devoted to bringing the insights of scholarship to bear on the development of public policies and policy-oriented advice and perspectives on critical domestic and international issues that advanced national interest and to assist and support national and government leaders, policy and decision makers and the public at large in making timely ,effective and informed decisions. It is dedicated to the public interest, as an independent, non-partisan organization, committed to excellence in work.

It is an off shoot of the Foundation for ‘Progress’ a non for profit sustainable development organization under its agenda of ‘Meeting Challenges - National and Global’ with the objective of meeting the national and international challenges and concerns through a process of research and analysis coupled with dialogue and debate, intellect, wisdom and visionary foresight to assist and provide national and government leaders , policy and decision makers with valuable, fresh, research based, correct and unbiased perspectives and options, for anticipating and shaping the future in these challenging times while drawing solutions to contemporary problems.

National Scenario

These are also challenging times for Pakistan, where by its peace, security, and integrity are all at risk and threat as a consequence of nefarious designs and conspiracies by the enemies of the state. Despite the present democratic government taking steps and measures to meet these challenges and concerns, multifarious and complex, formidable and contentious issues remain to be solved and settled.

These challenges are in some ways more dangerous and complex than those we have confronted in the past creating a climate of uncertainty and threatening our nations unity, stability and sovereignty as they continue to grow and expand at an alarming pace Meeting these new challenges has been made even more difficult because so few decision and opinion leaders are aware of these critical and urgent challenges, which more than often are invisible, there by obscuring the looming crisis. This is a difficult but definitely not an impossible task.

Our Vision

We want to see Pakistan as a safe, secure and progressive country, with choices (in education, health care, employment and retirement) abound; where taxes are fair, and comprehensible; where everybody has the opportunity to go as far as their talents will take them; where government concentrates on its core functions recognizes its limits and shows favor to none, where law and justice dominates; where minorities, rich and the poor; weak and strong; men and women are treated equally and without any discrimination. And to propose policies which assist in accomplishing these things.

Progress News

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the national leaders, public/ private policy and decision makers, including the public to understand and to make informed decisions and choices about public policy issues both at domestic and international fronts, and to support and sustain the civil society, democracy and national progress. To assist , support and work with the national leadership and to provide comprehensive expertise needed to fully address and to find solutions to today's difficult, sensitive, and contentious national and international challenges and to confront and counter the ever increasing onslaught of negative perspectives on Pakistan and its policies by inimical forces and to be recoginized as an independent, non-partisan institution dedicated to the public interest committed to excellence in work.

Our Core Programs

Research & Analysis

Predicting, analyzing and understanding the complex, interdependent and evolving public policy, regulatory geopolitical and strategic issues is essential for operating successfully in this era of global uncertainty. It is particularly difficult to read the impact of these public policy imperatives in context to the developing countries. Progress Think Tank research and analyses assists and enhances the ability to foresee, understand, and assess strategic responses to these complex and intricate policy making challenges.



Advocacy has been an important part of Progress Think Tanks work and strategy. To reach our ambitious goals, it is essential to engage a broad range of stakeholders and communities in discussion and debate on the issues we feel are critical to peace progress and development. When we talk about advocacy, we are not only talking about influencing legislators and politicians, or grassroots organizing and campaigning, But we are also advocate by seeking to build a strong knowledge base upon which to act.


Training & Education

Leaders everywhere recognize that lifelong learning is no longer an option—it's a necessity. Leading effectively In the public, private, and nonprofit sectors requires a continuous commitment to building new skills, networking, and keeping up with innovative ideas and the latest research. Progress Education Program provides leaders in government, private, corporate, and the nonprofit sectors with the tools they need to address the most pressing issues in public leadership, with a dynamic curriculum.



The National Think Tank is a multidisciplinary forum. It’s primary function is to assist and improve public policy and effective decision making through scientific, knowledge based research and analysis ; to help the national leaders, public/ private policy and decision makers, including the public to understand and to make informed decisions and choices about public policy issues, both at domestic and international fronts ; to bridge the gap between knowledge, power and policy, delivering right information, to the right person /organization, at the right time In addition it shall fosters and....


Scope of Work

The Progress Think Tank covers and works on six broad based themes:


Think Tank in Action

Our Team

The Think Tank team is a community of Scholars, Researchers, Experts, Analysts, University Professors, Diplomats, Former Arm Forces officiers, Civil Society, Media and IT Professionals committed to the vision and the ideals of the nation's founding fathers dedicated in full spirits to freedom,democracy, justice, transparency and honesty while pursuing these unchanging ideals through independent thinking, open debate, reasoned argument, facts and the highest standards of research and exposition. Without regard for politics or prevailing fashion, we dedicate our work to a more prosperous, progressive, democratic and a peaceful Pakistan and the World at large.


Activities & Services

The range of activities include:


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Area/Country Studies


Area and country studies are interdisciplinary fields of research and scholarship pertaining to the description and analysis of the anthropological, historical settings and the social, economic ,geo political, international relations...


Public Policy
Conference Series


Foundation for ‘Progress’ is pleased to organize, convene and host a number of national and international conferences and workshops on important national, regional and global issues, both on its own and in collaboration with the government, national and international corporate sector...


Speaker Series


In the tradition of excellence, ‘Progress’ distinguished lecture series is a prestigious public forum dedicated to bringing leading national and international leaders, personalities and dignitaries to share their knowledge and perspectives on a wide variety of issues including ethics, war...


Leadership Training


The Progress Leading the Leaders Program is designed exclusively for the current and emerging leaders and state legislatures and is dedicated o educate and inspire our nation's current and future leaders to excellence, without regard for party, politics, or ideology. The program seeks to provide...








Thank you for your interest in employment opportunity at Vision of Progress. The national think tank we are please to state that progress has an atmosphere of rich critical thinking scholarship and debate...



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