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Predicting The Unforeseen

Predicting, analyzing and understanding the complex, interdependent and evolving public policy, regulatory geopolitical and strategic issues is essential for operating successfully in this era of global uncertainty. It is particularly difficult to read the impact of these public policy imperatives in context to the developing countries. Progress Think Tank research and analyses assists and enhances the ability to foresee, understand, and assess strategic responses to these complex and intricate policy making challenges.


The National Think Tank Research program is committed to addressing the national, regional and global challenges and issues of the 21st Century including the future state of the world, emerging global strategies, dynamics of globalization and sustainability, global economic scenario, peace and conflict, Inter-State and global terrorism, HIV Aids, population, poverty alleviation, energy and agricultural issues and on the important issue of Inter-Provincial Coordination.

Our Approach

Progress approach is based on capturing and understanding all the factors and possible outcomes that drive a policy or regulatory process. With deep knowledge and local sensitivity to the politics and political processes locally and regionally, progress provides research and analysis with a clear picture of the terrain ahead and advises on how best to navigate the evolving scenario.

Primary Research

When we need information that is not available to us from a source in the public domain then we have to seek out contact with the primary source of that information. Progress has built up an array of skills, techniques and approaches which enable us to seek out both qualitative and quantitative data from a target group and present that data back to our clients in a meaningful, digestible and understandable form. Progress prides itself on having a very comprehensive set of contacts within the relevant sources which enables us to establish contacts quickly and effectively. Progress’s success is heavily based on our philosophy which involves reciprocating with our research respondents. We believe that research should be in the form of a conversation not an interrogation.

Research & Analysis

Research and analysis are two distinct but inextricably linked activities. Research is all about finding out what is going on out there, it is fact based and often includes significant numeric data. Analysis is the process that follows the acquisition and collation of disparate facts; analysis is the intellectual process of inferring meaning, identifying patterns and realizing consequences from the clutter of facts that have been retrieved through research. Progress is perfectly able to provide pure research services to our clients but we believe the value we offer is multiplied several fold when we apply our hard won experience to making some sort of sense of the facts that have been gathered.

Secondary Research

This is often the starting point or the basis for an overall research project. Progress has extensive experience in finding data from a myriad of sources in the public domain. It is sometimes surprising how much information is readily available if one knows where to look or simply if one can take the time to look. This type of research is by its nature time consuming and occasionally mundane and thus it requires a very structured and diligent approach. A key to success in such desk based research is the ability to collate and combine data from a variety of sources all structured in different ways – an ability Progress has demonstrated on numerous occasions.

Strategic Consultancy

“A Strategy is a long term plan of action designed to meet a particular goal”. The point of defining the word at this stage is to distinguish from the word “Tactics” which is more about immediate tasks that when aggregated support or deliver the overall Strategy. Words in the English language are notoriously ambiguous and for the purposes of describing services offered by Progress we see the distinction being that Strategy is about large, often all encompassing choices that work towards medium and probably longer term objectives.

Progress does not position itself as a mainstream Strategic Management Consultancy offering an all encompassing set of diverse strategy services. However, Progress does aim to provide services that support and assist the overall Strategy of our clients. There are many ways that Progress can assist in our clients’ strategic choices:

Our Work

We operate in an ever changing world, a world of expansion and contraction. Progress can provide advice, data and support as your organization makes key strategic decisions about your own organization or in other contexts.

Progress has access to a wide pool of talent and expertise that can be deployed in an associate capacity depending on our clients’ changing needs. If we don’t have the right resources on board we most likely know where to find them. We are nimble and light of foot but we can also scale up for larger projects as required.

Progress provides classic consultancy, both strategic and tactical but we are also recognized commentators on the industry we work within. Put another way – we provide objective research and analysis but if asked we are not shy of stating an opinion.

Segmentation and Targeting

Progress can help our clients identify and describe the broad segmentation and in some cases sub segmentation of their perceived markets. This is an arguably essential prerequisite for any organization operating with finite resources, because organizations have to make choices, they have to decide where is the best place to apply their finite resources. Understanding the size and shape of their market and the dynamics of competition and such things as macro economic forces is crucial to optimal strategic decision making.

We Assist In

We can help you:

  • Get access to well-qualified writers that are Subject Matter Experts in their respective fields. They may be academics or professionals with advanced degrees and PhDs. They can help you better understand your competitors, and market trends
  • Convert raw data into usable information. Our strategic, corporate and business writing reports include in-depth analysis, graphical representations, and recommendations.
  • Develop better physibility for programs and projects.
  • Identify new areas and operating opportunities.
  • Make proactive decisions

Competition and Cooperation

John Donne said “No man is an Island” his point being that we are all interconnected. We can extend this concept and say that no organization is an Island, in that organizations are interconnected through the market. Understanding the nature of competitive and complementary forces is a critical component of success and the perquisite for attaining competitive advantage. However, in the modern markets we operate in competition is only one dimension to interaction, that complementary dimension is provided through the effective use of partnerships, associations, joint-ventures and other such cooperative arrangements.

Progress can provide advice, support and assistance in identifying partners and helping our clients leverage potential synergies. At the same time Progress can provide detailed and incisive analysis of your competition thereby guiding and informing your broader strategic choices. In this day and age we can also help navigate the somewhat confusing world of co operation where in some cases you compete with an entity but in another instance it makes perfect sense to cooperate.

Research Report Services

Every institution and business needs to have an in-depth understanding of current realities in order to stay competitive. Organizations not only need the latest information, they also need help in making sense of this raw data. By outsourcing their requirements to a trusted vendor, they can ensure that they get quality research reports that can help them stay ahead.

Progress offers a range of research report writing services that cater to varied client needs. These include areas of public policy, country studies, geostrategic , foreign affairs and defence matters, environment, industry, financials, pharmaceutical and social sectors. These reports are written by an experienced team of professionals /specialists in their fields. Utilizing their services can help you understand how different factors impact your performance and productivity.

Progress research reports can give you a bird's eye view of the environment that you are operating in. They can help you understand the impact of different variables, so that you can change your game to stay on top. They can also help you respond proactively instead of reacting to changes as they happen.

We can present these reports in a variety of formats that make them readily accessible and easy to use. We can provide the final output in PowerPoint, Word, PDF, or XML. Our range of report writing services includes:

Our Research Tools/Services

  • On line
  • Surverys
  • Telephone interviews
  • Face to face meetings
  • Focus Groups
  • Country analysis & profiling
  • Country risk assessment
  • Company analysis & profiling
  • Geo strategic and political analysis
  • Socio economic analysis
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Target screening
  • Company analysis & profiling
  • Industry feasibility studies
  • SWOT analysis
  • Financial and Credit research
  • Business & investment environment assessment
  • Market sizing study
  • Product feasibility studies

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