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Publications are one of the most important products produced by think tanks. While communication techniques are evolving and many organizations now use a mix of social media, data visualization, podcasts and events to help expose their research, it is often the existence of a solid and well-written research report that makes this possible.Though publications come in different shapes and sizes (reports, background papers, policy briefs, books), there are a basic set of good practices that every researcher and communications professional should consider when developing written outputs.

The publications of the Progress Think Tank aim to reach out to a broad spectrum of target audiences at the national and international level. These Publications discuss current developments and events in foreign, National and International context in a concise format. The topics are frequently selected and analyzed for their relevance to Pakistan, but are generally of interest to an international audience as well.

The Progress think tank policy perspectives present the assessments of national and internationally-renowned experts and guest authors on current issues on an event-driven basis, with the objective of translating the academic excellence into policy-relevant analyses and recommendations. Policy Perspectives are directed towards both national and international audience and are therefore mostly published in english.

In addition to book, reports, and monographs, Progress briefs focusing on diverse and broad based subject matters are also published regularly. Although they do not represent a comprehensive and concise view on the subject matter, they however seek to provide some material to both the general public and the scholars to inspire further reflection.

The Progress think tank also encourages collaboration in research and analysis with national and international think tanks, universities and institutions of research and academic excellence on recent events, trends and developments within the domain of politics, economics and business, foreign policy, security and society, providing original academic and policy relevant research articles by authors from across the globe, with topical statistical data, graphics and opinion polls.



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