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Protecting Pakistan

Flying Eagle Protecting Pakistan

Introduction & Background

A complacent Pakistan is the greatest threat to a peaceful and productive future for our country and its friends. Pakistan must have the means to remain engaged in the world - to act proactively to protect itself and its citizens from forces inimical to our sovereignty and freedom. Pakistan is a nuclear power with regional and global interests. The armed forces must have the capacity to act anywhere, at anytime to safeguard our country’s vital interests when threatened. To have a military that can do anything less serves to embolden our stability, integrity and sovereignty. Likewise, safeguarding and protecting our country sends a powerful message to our adversaries. The fact that Pakistani’s can defend themselves against any attack and at the same time maintain and sustained democracy, with good governance and a free, open society , that grow’s economically is disheartening to our enemies.

As a nation we must recommit ourselves to the founding principles that commit of making Pakistan a free, peaceful, progressive and prosperous country. Our great leader the Quiad-e-Azam said:

“You have to stand guard over the development and maintenance of Islamic democracy, Islamic social justice and the equality of manhood in your own native soil”.

Current Concerns

Today Pakistan faces both seen and unseen threats from forces with inimical designs towards our country. On one side we have a not so friendly India with which we have had three big wars and a many unresolved disputes, including that of Jammu & Kashmir. It is now further conspiring to truncate our country. On our west is unfriendly Afghanistan, which has traditionally remained pro-India and anti-Pakistan.. Perpetual hostility of India and deceitful behavior of Afghanistan has kept Pakistan on tenterhooks and in a constant state of insecurity.

Further to this Pakistan has been deviously embroiled in the futile war on terror imposed by USA which is eating into its vitals. Pakistan military resources are progressively dwindling in fighting this war with no end in sight, impacting its operational, technical and administrative fitness for war. Despite being so heavily engaged in this war for a decade, which is now termed by some as an existential war. The Pakistan army despite being faced with this three dimensional threats has not only surprisingly confronted the same but also successfully curtailed, both the home grown and external terrorism.

Ever Vigilant!
The People And The Army

To protect Pakistan and for its people to live securely in peace and prosperity without any fear’s or external threat, it is essential that the nation and its armed forces prepare themselves and be in state of readiness to confront any such nefarious design and challenge that such forces may pose towards Pakistan. It is also critical for our national development that we possess the necessary military capability to protect our country from both internal and external threats, together with political stability and economic prosperity for continuation of peace, progress and prosperity. . These three components help in protecting the sovereignty, integrity and security of a state including the well-being of its citizens. The three are interlinked and cannot be separated from each other.

People's Support

No country’s army can win a war without the support of its people. The cost of freedom and liberty come at the price of sacrifice and eternal vigilance. As a nation we must recommit ourselves to the principles that make this nation safe free and prosperous. It is unfortunate that a handful of misguided and ill-informed people try to defame and undermined the army, forgetting that our armed forces are the protectors of both internal and external threats to our country. A weak military shall be a temptation for adventuring with our security, stability and sovereignty. It is therefore essential that the nation stands by behind its armed forces with all possible support in the defense of the motherland.

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