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The National Think Tank is a multidisciplinary forum. It’s primary function is to assist and improve public policy and effective decision making through scientific, knowledge based research and analysis ; to help the national leaders, public/ private policy and decision makers, including the public to understand and to make informed decisions and choices about public policy issues, both at domestic and international fronts ; to bridge the gap between knowledge, power and policy, delivering right information, to the right person /organization, at the right time In addition it shall fosters and promotes cooperation between the international community, the government, the private sector, the academia and intelligentsia and the civic society, all of which are critical to the successful implementation of our national plans and policies. The fulfilling of the National think tank objectives involves a balance between research, analysis and outreach It also plays a number of other critical roles, including:

Other important objectives include the following.

  • Develop polices and strategies that will improve the performance and effectiveness of the policy makers and the public representatives in policy making and for the creation of effective dissemination and utilization of policy-relevant proposals.
  • To focus both on the small and the big picture and combine approaches to tackle not only the symptoms but the underline the causes as well. This holistic approach will result in diverse and innovative solutions promoting cooperation and building bridges of understanding between different stake holders with far flung and positive implications on national cohesion , unity.efficency and productivity .
  • Where necessary to deliver input without suggesting a specific course of action or provide a range of solutions with objective analysis of advantages and disadvantages. On certain occasions it may also formulate or even supplement clear cut policy recommendations. In short it shall assist the government in ameliorating the shortcomings and inadequacies of the policy making processes, enabling the government and the policy makers to plan well and in advance to meet the current and future challenges.
  • To play a critical role in confronting and countering the ever increasing onslaught of negative perspectives against Pakistan and its policies by inimical forces at national, regional and international level.
  • To assist and provide support to the national and government leaders, policy and decision makers, while anticipating and shaping the future in these challenging times ; to digest and formulate research into a form that meets the needs of busy bureaucrats, politicians and policy makers
  • To serve as a peace and conflict resolution forum for the amicable and peaceful resolutions of disputes and issues and to play a mediating function between the government and the public that helps builds trust and confidence in public officials.
  • Promote a constructive dialogue and collaborative research and analysis on policy issues through creating a global and national issue network that build on existing local and regional networks wherever possible.
  • To create a virtual institution that will foster collaboration, information sharing and the transfer of innovative policies and proposals from one institution or policy community to another.
  • Promote an on-going interdisciplinary national dialogue among think tanks, policy makers and civil society representatives that will explore the critical role that a think tank plays in civil societies and how these institutions can be sustained over time.

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