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The Significance Of Speech

In the history of mankind, there has never been a time when any other form of communication equaled spoken words in terms of their value and importance. Every great epoch of the world's progress shows the supreme importance of speech upon human action—individual and collective.

Whether it was a small tribe in the Stone Age or a large nation such as the Roman Empire, speech and spoken words have always played a big role in the individual and collective lives of the people. Wars have been won, blood has been shed, men have sacrificed their lives, and peace agreements have been made because of the magical words of a few who knew how to give life to their words. And this is one thing that hasn’t changed even with the development of various technologies. We are yet to see something as powerful as speech that influences the minds and thoughts of the whole mankind.



The ‘Progress’ Distinguished Lecture Series shall include a wide array of subjects including:

  • Ethics
  • War & Peace
  • Social Justice
  • Civil Society
  • Foreign Policy
  • Major Power Relations
  • Defence & Strategic Issues
  • Art and Literature
  • Business
  • Muslim History
  • Law
  • Mathematics
  • Medical science
  • Music
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Science
  • Unusual

Who we Are

In the tradition of excellence, ‘Progress’ distinguished lecture series is a prestigious public forum dedicated to bringing leading national and international leaders, personalities and dignitaries to share their knowledge and perspectives on a wide variety of issues including ethics, war and peace, major power relations, defence and strategic issues, science, religion and many more in an endeavor to meet the important needs of the community – to educate, enlighten and inform.

Progress’ invites such leaders to share their insights about the current, emerging trends and the future with their foresight and vision, and share with the audience their unique experiences and perspectives, besides providing meaningful exchanges on issues of mutual concerns and interests and enriching the intellectual and cultural life of the nation.




The ‘Progress’ Distinguished Speaker series seek an agenda of creating scholarship, intellect, academic and informative resource for an audience from a diverse and broad based citizenry.


Distinguished Speakers

The Power Of Speech

Why is speech so powerful? The power of speech spoken aloud or voiced in our heads combines sound and purpose. From the babbling that babies make to ensure their survival to our ability to express the complexities of our emotion and thought, speech is our tool to navigate our world. Sound, tone of voice, pitch and choice of words can manifest many things. Through the power of speech, the varied and multilayered meanings of words, we have an incredible resource for communication and creation.

"Words not only affect us temporarily--they change us."Our words are so much more powerful than we realize. These are words that move and uplift, that give hope to the hopeless, provide comfort when we're feeling sad, inspire us to take action, acknowledge us for a job well done, humiliate us, make us laugh, stimulate our thoughts, educate us, or incite violence..Words have created fist fights, divorces, murders, and wars. The power of speech is one of the most valuable gifts that G d has given us. It is the power of speech that sets us apart from animals.


  • To disseminate knowledge and information and to advance public understanding and debate about significant issues of contemporary interest.
  • To interpret, reinterpret and foster consideration of contemporary issues in the national and global perspectives.
  • To challenge the academia and the intelligentsia to engage in intellectual debate on subjects and issues of ethical and public concerns and to provide a window of learning to individuals, institutions and the society at large.
  • To enable distinguished authorities to communicate the results of original studies on important subjects of contemporary interest.
  • To make significant contributions to public awareness and understanding and further development of the art of speaking.
  • To establish itself as an institution – as a shining star in Pakistan’s intellectual life.

How Long Is Each Lecture?

Each lecture lasts around one and one-half hours, the lecture begins with a short introduction and the speaker’s remarks usually lasting until 1 hour. This is followed by a 35-40 minute "Q&A" period which belongs to the audience, during which the speaker clarifies or amplifies previous remarks or offers spontaneous and revealing new information and is often the most interesting portion of the lecture.

Recording and Transcript Facilities

As a policy we do not provide recording, however only in special cases a request is granted and with prior permission of several concerned.

The ‘Progress’ Distinguished speaker series is unique and unlike television provides not only an interactive experience but also an opportunity to see and hear outstanding personalities coming from all walks of the life to share their views and opinions and having time to elaborate at length about their perspectives.


The lectures are delivered before a large and diverse gathering of audiences representing all sectors of the society and the national life on preselected venues including university campuses, town halls, public , corporate and civil society platforms, in cities across Pakistan with appropriate media coverage.

Funding , Grants, Donations

Foundation for ‘Progress’ is a 2(36)(C) non for profit, tax exempt organization. ‘Progress’ receives no government funding. Find out how you can help support us.

Sponsoring a Speaker or a Lecture

Have Your Presence Felt

Give Back To Your Community

A Little Of What Your Community Has Given You.

Progress welcomes and encourages the sponsoring and support of the public and private sector ,national and multinational corporate sector including banks, industry and business houses, trade and commerce chambers individuals philanthropists and many more to kindly come forward and Sponsor a Speaker or a Lecture for promoting and encouraging scholarship ,debate and interaction of intellect, knowledge and information on many a national and international issues and challenges that the nation faces today.

Order A Program

‘Progress offers you an unique opportunity to experience and learn by Sponsoring a event with these remarkable individuals who have bought change and shaped our lives. An opportunity to share an incredible event that you will remember for a lifetime. Avail the ultimate in experience with thinkers and leaders of vision, personal courage and wisdom! You’ll be moved, you’ll be challenged, you’ll leave inspired. Send us your details and we will send you a free schedule of our programs .

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