Chairman's Message

Dr M A Wajid 2

My Dear Friends

These are challenging times for Pakistan. Today the society is confronting its most basic values. In this current climate of uncertainty, we are being judged, more than ever, on our measurable results, we can give life to millions, and hope to millions more and move towards a better future. There is no short-term fix to the fundamental challenges that we face. The key to each solution is our involvement in them and finding new ways to solve our problems.

The civil society has to play a crucial role if we are to succeed. New partnerships need to be formed; partnerships where all the parties are out to find the best possible solutions. If we work together, we can make real progress. It is all in our interest.

If we want to see and have a society where peace and security dominate; where we have a say in how our country is run; and we have access to things which are so often taken for granted in the developed world, like clean water, fresh air and the chance to earn a living and bring up healthy, educated children. If we want governments to be accountable to our people; obey the rule of law; protect human rights and to create opportunities for economic growth, we need to refocus our development efforts by supporting policies which create sustainable livelihoods for the poor people, promote human development and conserve the environment. The creation of such a society is a formidable challenge.

However our society and communities will never change unless our citizens change. We all have something to do about it! If our society as a whole isn't ready for these changes, then our job as individuals is to prepare the way, to make our society ready. Yes, it is that easy. In the end, we have no one to blame for our failures but ourselves. It doesn't make sense to point fingers at others so long as we ourselves are not doing anything to make the situation.

I believe that one individual can made a difference, some times a great difference, for us that individual is you.I urge you to step forward and lend us a supporting hand in the fulfillment of this difficult but definitely achievable mission.

I look ahead to welcome you as a member of the Progress family and to join us in the making of a 'Better Pakistan', one we can all be proud of.

With Warm Regard's:

Your's sincerely,


Dr. M.A. Wajid