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Home Medicare Services


Progress Home Medicare Services is an efficient and personalized way of managing the elderly and the sick. Home care reinforces and supplements the care provided by the family members and friends and maintains the recipients dignity and independence, qualities that are all to often lost even in the best situations

About Us

Progress home care services is a progressive home medical care organization working in partnership with the community for the provision of quality and innovative health care se through highly qualified and trained health care professionals, to the elderly, the sick and the handicapped in the comfort, security and the privacy of their homes, striving for an environment where families feel peace of mind, employees are motivated and caring is rewarded.

24 / 7 - Ready To Respond

It is out endeavor and effort that each patient has the opportunity to benefit and reach the highest level of recovery, well being and functioning.

Our Services

We are a team of highly motivated and dedicated healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses and physical therapists, supported and supervised by a highly experienced, competent and caring management.

We offer a variety of services including short and long term contracts including permanent placement, should this be desired. Services provided by us include:

Rehabilitation Programs

  • Neurological Rehabilitation Program
  • Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program
  • Organ Transplant Rehabilitation Program
  • Post Trauma Rehabilitation Program
  • Orthopedic / Amputation Rehab Program

Regular Programs

  • Home Visits by Consultants/Specialists
  • Home Visits by Skilled General Physicians
  • Home Duties by Executive Nurses
  • Home Duties by Certified Staff Nurses
  • Home Duties by Certified Aide Nurses
  • Home Visits by Physiotherapists
  • Home Visits by Physiotherapists
  • Home Visits by Occupational Therapist
  • Home Visits by Medical Social Worker

Specialized Programs

  • Rise and Shine Program
  • Fluff and Tuck Program
  • Mother’s Help Program
  • Life Care Planning Program
  • Independent Case Management Program
  • Professional Health Education Program

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