Sustainable Community Initiative

Sustainable Community Initiative

Global Scenario

Far from being simply an exercise in imagination, communities across the world are realizing visions of sustainable development for their communities in a response to urban growth and sprawl, environmental deterioration, and traffic and water problems. Civic, public, and private partnership share being formed to establish sustainable development goals.

Sustainable communities are environmentally sound with decision-making focusing on reducing the impacts of population growth and development on natural resources and the environment. They are .economically productive where members make local capital investments that will sustain local human and natural resources and yield adequate financial returns to those investments. Socially just with equitable access to resources and decision-making processes foster the distribution of foods and benefits across all sectors to the community.

About Us

Progress Sustainable Community Initiative aims to promote and encourage self reliance through harnessing the indigenous and local community resources for the welfare and development of the community members. The objective is to utilize the skills and experience of the community members to the gain and advantage of both the community and themselves creating a win win situation. The program encourages the community members specially the women to use their education and training in the field of nursing, Info Tech and teaching, as tools for providing community service like home Medicare, home secretarial, counseling and home based tuitions etc.

What Are Sustainable Communities

There is no single definition of sustainable community development because every community has its own unique characteristics and challenges. Yet sustainable communities share common themes and concerns: economic security, environmental protection, social justice, and a commitment to the welfare of its inhabitants.

National Scenario

It is ironical that while communities around the world are releasing and taking actions for implementing the essential approaches leading to sustained community development, Pakistan unfortunately is on a backward journey, wasting the potential to harness the power and energy of the communities as a consequences today we face great disparity among our masses resulting in extreme poverty, lack of basic needs and essential services like water, electricity , sanitation. In addition unemployment, health care, education and other social services are negligible or non existent.

Our communities urgently need a plan of action to better address environmental, social and economic development..We face these problems at the community and national levels and we can solve them at the same.

Model Communities

Imagine a community where the air and water are clean, water supplies fully meet demand and everyone enjoys access to locally supplied safe and healthy foods, wildlife flourishes and the landscape is pleasing to the eye. Within this community, full participation and a spirit of cooperation pervade decision-making. People have an impact over their community's future. The community revitalizes the city center, reduces sprawl and promotes regional identity and pride. Public transportation effectively reduces congestion and pollution from cars, reduces transportation costs, and improves access to jobs and services. The community has established a living wage standard for all employees. A strong emphasis on education and training for all promotes an improved quality of life today and fosters future opportunities for the community's youth.


Our Community Development Programs

In this content three community based and participated programs are currently providing these services. The programs provide financial support and an additional source of income in these difficult times , while meeting the needs of community and providing immediate relief.

Taking Action

In order to implement a strategy for sustainable development, members of the community must believe that they have the capacity to resolve their own problems and shape their own future.

A spider's web looks fragile, but it can withstand extraordinary force with little damage. Strengthening the community's capacity is like weaving a web that creates a social network throughout the community, providing support for all and extending and strengthening cooperation and collaboration among people, institutions, organizations, and businesses. Even if it starts small, the network expands and incorporates more and more of the stakeholders. The network increases community cohesion and resilience through innovative partnerships, increased collaboration, and a shared vision of the future.

Progress Help Line

Progress Help Line is a community oriented service providing information , advice and referral line that helps people and vulnerable residents who need urgent assistance with a range of problems needing to find resources and it also helps in generating ideas for solving problems and serving as a counseling and support service for people in distress.


Home Medicare Services

Progress home care services is a progressive home medical care organization working in partnership with the community for the provision of quality and innovative health care se through highly qualified and trained health care professionals, to the elderly, the sick and the handicapped in the comfort, security and the privacy of their homes, striving for an environment where families feel peace of mind, employees are motivated and caring is rewarded.


Welfare & Humanitarian Services.

Progress’ is actively involved in many community welfare and humanitarian activities, like holding of health camps, child vaccination campaigns, public health awareness programs on, Tuberculosis, Aids, Hepatitis, Polio, and other infectious diseases. Our teams regularly visit various urban and rural communities, schools, colleges and universities, emphasizing upon the leaders of tomorrow on the importance and need of their participation in community welfare and social causes- necessary for the progress and the prosperity of the country.


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