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Vision Of 'Progress'

The Think Tank

Audit & Funding

Foundation for ‘Progress’ is a 2 (36)C non Profit Think Thank and a Sustainable Development Organization ,founded in 2001 and registered with the Government as a non-profit under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies Registration and Control Ordinance of 1971.It is also approved by the FBR for the purposes of donor Tax Exemption, in addition it is registration as as a non profit with the US Government under the SAM and the European Commission as a sustainable community development organization.

Its activities and services are carried out under three major programs i.e Leadership for Pakistan, Meeting Challenges – National and Global and Building Partnerships, Promoting Sustainability, which focus on the areas of peace and conflict resolution, democracy and governance ,sustainable development and poverty alleviation (health, education) and environment. It strives and pursues for the attainments of the goals of ‘Progress’ at the national and international levels for the making of a progressive, prosperous and a ‘Better Pakistan’

The Progress Scholar / Experts and Associates have a Doctoral / Post doctoral or with a terminal post-graduate degree. Most of them have served or are serving or have had the honor of exceptional achievements within their exceptional domain both within the country and aboard.

Donor recognition is based on the fiscal year July 01 - June 30

Supporting Progress

All contributions and donations entitled to donor credit uder section 2(36)(C) of the income tax ordinance 2001 .In addition all contributions are acknowledged and recognized by ‘Progress’ and all those making such provisions are entitled as Distinguished life Members

‘Progress’ welcomes contributions for general support through the ‘Progress’ Annual Fund, The ‘Progress’ Endowment Fund and Corporate Giving. Gifts can also be designated to support any of the Progress core programs or their projects i.e The Think Tank, leadership for Pakistan and the Sustainable Development program. In addition donations can also be made for resourcing scholarships, internship and fellowships in a area or discipline of our work.

Help advance the principles that make Pakistan Great! with your contributions.

Our Funding Policy

Foundation for ‘Progress’ till to date has not received any funding from the government , foreign donor institution or country.

‘Progress’ believes in self reliance while managing and supporting its programs and projects through its own and indigenous resources. However in recent times due to diversification and expansion of our work and services it has now become necessary that we seek contribution and support from individuals, corporations, and foundations to continue and sustain our programs and projects in addition to our own revenue generating services and expertise.

Accounts and Audit:

The Progress management delegates to an audit committee comprising of senior and credible members who together wth the secretary finance and the foundation chartered accountanr are responsibility for managing and monitoring the Think Tank’s financial control systems.The financial committee liaises with the foundation’s auditors maintaining comlete transparency and accountability according to the internationally accepted norms and practices while carrying out both the internal and the third party audit on regular and yearly basis . Annual Report and Financial Statements are prepared keeping and taking all relevant mitigation and major risks in account in with accordance with the Statement of Recommended Practice. Our fiscal year.

Our Registered Bankers Our Registered Auditors

Askari Bank

Ale Imrann and Co CA

AG Habib and Co CA

Our Funding Resources

  • Consultancy & Advisory Services

  • Conferences and Seminars

  • Training Workshops

  • Publications: Books, Monographs, Reports

  • Policy Briefs, Articles & Papers

  • Projects Research & Analysis

  • Advocacy & Outreach Services

  • Health Realted Services

  • Enviorment Related Services

Membership / Donations / Grants

  • Membership Subscriptions

  • Individual Donors

  • Corporate Donors

  • Endowment Contributions

Resource Distribution

Maintaining a diverse funding base is critical both to the effective and efficient functioning, maintaining independence and credibility of our work. With this in mind the Think Tank is constantly seeking new donors and is constantly subject to transparent financial accounting. We are indebted to all our supporters, contributors and donors and to many others who give so much of their time, creativity and in-kind assistance.

More than 80% of the Foundations resources support program activities and remaining 20% are utilized for supporting administration and fund raising activities. Foundation for Progress confirms to the highest standards of transparency, accounting and financial operations.

Sustaining Our Work

Progress Endowment Fund

Money is the sustenance that nourishes an organization. Just as food nourishes our bodies, money keeps the organization alive, healthy, and growing. It is the lifeblood. The ‘Progress’ Endowment Fund has been created as a resource to sustain the ‘Progress’ work and activities while ensuring savings, transparency and long term Sustainability of the organization.

The Aims & objectives of the ‘Progress’ Endowment Fund are same as that of Foundation for progress. The fund shall cover and support the core ‘Progress’ programs and projects i.e Think Tank, Leadership for Pakistan and the Sustainable Development initiative, particularly the continuation of our poverty alleviation efforts focused in the areas of health, education and environment, with full commitment and dedication.

To learn about the ways you might consider supporting the ‘Progress’ endowment fund please contact Please contact ‘Progress’ secretariat at or 0219221-35802346

Mission Statment

We, the Foundation for Progress seek to be part of Pakistan community bound together in our concern for each other, our community and peoples of the world.

We will remain open to the challenges and opportunities of changing times. God’s guidance and with the power of the positive thinking, we actively commit ourselves through service, devotion, stewardship, study, and fellowship to:

Grow as more learned and disciplined,

Reach out to meet people and their needs,

Help others reach a relationship with the needs of our community,

Go forth in mission and purpose.

With this as our mission, we wish to encourage the Progress Endowment Fund of accumulated, inherited, and appreciated resources. It is understood that special gifts and bequests should be made to enable the Foundation for Progress to accomplish areas of work it might otherwise be unable to undertake. All who make gifts to the Progress Endowment Funds will have made a lasting commitment to the long-term future of the Pakistani nation.

To learn about the ways you might consider supporting the ‘Progress’ endowment fund please contact Please contact ‘Progress’ secretariat at or
Call: 0219221-35802346

Contact us

For further information please contact

Progress Secretariat

Plot No. 73/E-1, 9th Jami Commercial St,
Phase 7, D.H.A, Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: (9221) 35802346; 35389098;
Fax: (9221) 35380931; Mob: 0300-8289400