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About Us


Privileges & Subscriptions


Our Members

Our Members come from all walks of the society having many things in common, including the desire to improve themselves, to promote lasting goodwill, friendship, cooperation and peaceful coexistence leading to progress and prosperity of the community, the country and the world at large.
They represent diverse professions and socio economic status and include scholars., experts, professors., civil servants ,fmr armed forces personnel,doctors, lawyers, psychologists, economists, teachers, engineers, scientist, sports personalities, accountants, students, laborers, farmers, skilled and semi skilled workers, social workers including men and women from many other disciplines and occupations, all sharing a common desire to promote the well being of the people, lasting goodwill, friendship and co-operation Our membership is open to all like minded people (above 18 years of age) and organizations having aims and objectives similar to ours.

Membership Requirements

Membership in ‘Progress’ is open to all like-minded persons (18 years and above) and organizations sharing in common the aims and objectives of the foundation. It is independent of any discrimination or ethnicity, and is open to all those who satisfy the foundation’s requirements.

Membership Types

  •   Ordinary
  •   Life
  •   Associate
  •   Student
  •   Honorary
  •   Overseas

Application Procedures

Application for membership shall be filed on forms provided by the foundation. All applications are reviewed to determine the candidate’s eligibility. Upon acceptance membership becomes effective with payment of dues.

Outstanding Membership Privileges

As member of ‘Progress’ you are entitled and privileged to the following:

  • Annual Meeting / Voting Privileges: As a member of ‘Progress’ you are entitled to attend the General Body Meeting and have the important responsibility to vote for all foundation office bearers and to become involved in setting the direction and scope of ‘Progress’ activities.
  • Annual Gala Dinner: Eligible to attend along with your spouse, the annual gala dinner.
  • Seminars / Conferences: Eligible to attend and represent in seminars, conferences, meetings and symposia organized both by and in collaboration with ‘Progress’ and those by other similar national and international organizations.
  • Newsletters / Publications: Eligible to receive a copy of newsletter and other publications of the ‘Progress’ from time to time.
  • Membership Certificate: Eligible to receive membership certificate with the embossed seal of the Progress’ logo.
  • Life Membership Crest: Life members are eligible to receive a wooden crest (6” x 8”) with silver and gold plate depicting the ‘Progress’ logo.


Membership Subscriptions

Here’s your chance to give back to your
community some of the benefits your community has given you.
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Join our efforts--and help us return our nation to its founding principles and build a PAKISTAN, where freedom, equity, opportunity, rule of law, peace and prosperity and civil society flourish

Stand with us as we turn the tide.
The future of our nation is at stake

So donate today and take advantage with your tax-deductable contribution, 'Progress' is approved U/S. 2(36)C of the Income Tax Ordinance.




HELP Us Build A Better PAKISTAN, For A Better WORLD

Join the family of ‘PROGRESS’ to become a part of the change. Please help us move ‘PROGRESS’ towards a Better Pakistan for a better World.

Now it’s your turn. Pakistan needs you.

Join in and take the reins of building a peaceful, progressive and prosperous Pakistan- Become a Foundation for ‘Progress’ Member today.


Contact us

For further information please contact

Progress Secretariat

Plot No. 73/E-1, 9th Jami Commercial St,
Phase 7, D.H.A, Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: (9221) 35802346; 35389098;
Fax: (9221) 35380931; Mob: 0300-8289400
Email: foundationforprogress@yahoo.com
Website: www.progress.org.pk