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Membership Welcome


Dr. M A Wajid

My Dear Friends,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of environment.

As Chairman & President of the Foundation for 'Progress' and on behalf of its executive council, it is a matter of great pleasure and privilege for me in introducing and inviting you to join the family of 'Progress', a ‘Think Tank’ and a Sustainable Development Organization

The objectives of the Foundation are based on the universal principles of honesty, transparency, trust, equity and justice. We strives for the making of a Pakistan that is safe, secure and a progressive country, free from extremenism and terrorism ,with a knowledgeable society knowing its rights and duties, where choices (in education, health care and retirement) abound; where taxes are fair, and comprehensible; where everybody has the opportunity to go as far as their talents take them; where government concentrates on its core functions, recognizes its limits and shows favor to none, where law and justice dominates; where minorities, rich and the poor; weak and strong; men and women are treated equally and without any discrimination, where people are aware of the hazards of environmental degradation of their moral, social and ecological duties and responsibilities to keep and make our cities, country and the world a safe and a better place, for their children and their future generations Foundation proposes policies, recommendations and implements projects, which assist in accomplishing these things.

In line with these goals and objectives 'Progress', works and operates in a number of sectors and areas and no matter what your profession or trade, I am sure you will find one that might interest you. It shall also provide you a forum to meet, interact and discuss matters of common interest, develop new and lasting personal, professional and business relationships, and express your concerns and views with the collective strength and support of ‘Progress’. Your precious time, effort and energy shall be deeply valued and appreciated both by us and the beneficiaries, bringing you lasting relief, satisfaction and achievement, one which words cannot express.

We urge you to step forward and lend a supporting hand to 'Progress' in the fulfillment of this difficult and daunting , but definitely achievable mission. . We believe that one individual can made a difference, some times a great difference, for us that individual is you .We belief we can make a difference with your support and the commitment behind us and with a consistent set of values to guide and light our path. And as we undertake our work, it is increasingly clear that these values underpin our success. They tell us why we do what we do. And they tell us how - with respect, integrity, commitment and excellence. We do not claim to embody them perfectly – but we do seek to do so. .

We have accepted this challenge with humility and a firm resolve and God willing we shall conquer it with your trust, partnership and commitment.

I look ahead to welcome you as a member of the 'Progress' family and to join us in the making of a ‘Better Pakistan’, one we can all be proud of. If you have any queries or need any further information, I shall be personally obliged and available to answer and provide the same.

Dr. M.A Wajid
Chairman & President
Foundation for ‘Progress’

  •   Governance
  •   Democracy
  •   Peace and Conflict Resolution
  •   Extremism and Terrorism
  •   National Security

Here are some areas of our work that might interest you

  •   Poverty Alleviation
  •   Health
  •   Education and Training
  •   Environment
  •   Social Service
  •   Volunteerism
  • Distinguished Speakers

  •   Foreign Relations
  •   Defense and Strategy
  •   Research and Analysis
  •   Human rights
  •   Public Policy Conferences
  •   Commentries

For further information please contact

Progress Secretariat

Plot No. 73/E-1, 9th Jami Commercial St,
Phase 7, D.H.A, Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: (9221) 35802346; 35389098;
Fax: (9221) 35380931; Mob: 0300-8289400
Email: foundationforprogress@yahoo.com
Website: www.progress.org.pk