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Poverty Alleviation


Health and Sustainable Develop

Health is a key determinant of economic growth and development and is both a cause and effect of poverty. Aside from the serious consequences for social welfare, ill health deprives developing countries of human resources and the high cost of ill health reduces economic growth and limits the resources governments have available for investment in public health. As a result, improving health in developing countries is essential in order to reduce poverty.

In addition to the many initiatives in this field, attention is specially required for focusing on the ever increasing incidence of cardiac diseases, diabetes, hypertension which are taking a heavy toll with increased incidence in the morbidity and mortality of people in their productive years particularly persons with little or no access to appropriate specialized facilities.

The Ward

The ward comprises of a 24-bed general ward, a 4-Bed officers suite with washrooms. Each bed is supplemented with high quality mattress, pillows, bed sheets, blankets, towels, sleepers, a patient locker, attendant chair, foot rug etc. Modern and the latest state of art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment including Defibrillators, Cardiac Monitors, Electrocardiograms, Oxygenators, Suction Machines, Nebulizers, X-Ray Plant with Fluoroscopy, stretchers, wheel chairs etc. In addition refrigerators, electric water dispensers and coolers, television sets and computers, all in sufficient numbers have been provided for the smooth and efficient functioning and optimum patient care.

The ward is aesthetically decorated with wall hangings, decorations, a fish aquarium, green plants, consoles with mirror, synthetic flooring with matching window blinds and furniture. All these facilities and provisions are an effort to make the patients stay as comfortable as possible.

Special Progress Ward

Special ‘Progress’ Ward is a ‘Progress’ / AFIC Project at Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology (AFIC), National Institute of Heart Diseases (NIHD), Rawalpindi.It is a state of art 30-Bed Ward and Office Complex, established and supported by Foundation for ‘Progress’, at the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology and National Institute of Heart Diseases, Rawalpindi, under the unique and innovative ‘Progress’ program of ‘Building Partnerships, Promoting Sustainability’, the objective of which is to foster and promote cooperation and partnership and to build bridges between various stakeholders, which is critical to national progress and sustainable development

The ward has been established as a cardiology unit to cater the needs of the poor and under privileged who lack access to quality health care as a completely free service providing state of care and treatment to cardiac patients at the AFIC Rawalpindi.

About The Facility

Special ‘Progress’ Ward is an environment and patient friendly facility, housed in an independent colonial era building, reconstructed in originality and located in the AFIC premises. It comprises of a completely air-conditioned office complex and a ward with all ancillary facilities. The ‘Progress’ Ward had the privilege of admitting and treating some of the first quake victims who were transported to Rawalpindi.

Inauguration & Ward Round

Office Complex

The Office Complex comprising of the Commandant’s/Chairman’s suite, the M/O Incharge, Medical Officer, Sister Incharge and the Ward Clerk’s offices, washrooms etc. are all provided with high quality furnishings and equipments. In addition a general emergency theatre, a conference room including a 12 chair table, a book cabinet, projector and other facilities necessary for making of case presentations have also been made available. A store, kitchen and a pantry have been provided in the premises.

Background to the Ward

In May 2005 during a visit by Dr. M.A Wajid, Chairman & President, Foundation for ‘Progress’ to the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology, the Commandant of AFIC Maj. Gen. M.M.H Nuri invited the attention of the Chairman ‘Progress’ to the ever increasing patients load at the AFIC and requesting ‘Progress’ support in this context. Dr M A Wajid welcomed and acceded to the AFIC request and committed to fully equip and furnish a 30-Bed Ward and an Office Complex to support AFIC’s efforts in keeping up its commitment of providing high quality patient care.

Within six weeks after the signing of the MOU between Progress and AFIC on 15th Sept 2005, ‘Progress’ honored its commitment and the ward was made operational on the morning of 02nd Oct 2005 – The day the devastating 7.5 Richter scale earthquake destroyed the major areas of Azad Kashmir and parts of Northern areas of Pakistan.

Distinction and Commendations

It is pertinent to mention that the Special ‘Progress’ Ward holds a unique position in the hospitals of the Army Medical Corps for its aesthetic décor. The Ward was officially inaugurated by the Begum and Lt. Gen. Salahudin Satti, Commander 10 Corps in the presence of Lt. Gen. Syed Afzal Ahmed, Surgeon General, Maj. Gen. MMH Nuri, Commandant, AFIC and Dr. M.A Wajid, Chairman ‘Progress’ on the eve of 10th Dec 2005. The first Annual Ward round was made by Lt. Gen. Salahudin Satti, Chief of General Staff and Lt. Gen. Mohsin Kamal, Commander 10 Corps in August 2008. All the visiting civil and military dignitaries have commended the ‘Progress’ and AFIC on this joint effort of serving the sick and the needy.

Hilal Magazine

Issue March 2006

Coverage of the Inauguration of Special Ward

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