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Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that  education is the birth right of every child and that each child is considered a person of his own, endured with rights, and is worth of respect and dignity and that each one deserves to have the best possible start in life, to complete a basic education of the highest quality, to be allowed to develop to his full potential and to be provided opportunities for meaningful participation in their communities.

Who Are We ?

Progress’ child education centers are child friendly, family focused and community based units, supporting child education and development, serving children from neglected, underserved and underprivileged communities. These services are provided completely free of charge.

The Child Education Centers cater to the Montessori and primary education needs of children 4 - 8 years of age providing them with free writing and reading material, uniforms, shoes, towels, soaps & washing powder, nutrients and vitamins and small gifts as an further incentive for regular and continuing attendance. These centers are supervised and conducted by caring and loving lady teachers who impart both formal and informal education. Each center enrolls 140 child students per year from the very poor, underserved and marginalized communities. Female children are specially encouraged to attend.

Our Challenge

Our challenge Is to change, for better, the world for children, to end the discrimination against children and to ensure that every child, without exception, is assured the right to dignity, security and self-fulfillment.All children without distinction of gender, race, language, religion, or of any other kind have the right and privilege to develop and utilize their full potentials, especially those living in difficult circumstances need special consideration.

Our Location And Building

The centers are located in neglected, underserved, and underprivileged communities specially focusing on the urban slumps and the rural areas. Their location is selected keeping in view the accessibility of the children of the community being served with the purpose of taking the school to the children rather than the children to the school.

The center building comprises of a adequately ventilated single room, measuring at least 15 * 15 sq ft with an attached toile, furnished with standard fixtures such as fly proofing, floor matting, tube lightening, ceiling fan, water cooler, wall clock, teacher’s desk, two chairs, one stool, student benches, cupboard, black board and wall charts.

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Our Staff and Student

Teacher is the backbone of any educational setup. Raising the quality of the teacher has direct bearing on the education. The progress education centers are staffed with qualified, loving and caring lady teachers who act as a role model for the children.

Good performance of the teachers is dully recognized and rewarded by ‘Progress’. Appointments at the centers are made locally in consultations with the community leaders without any political interference. Good performance is encouraged and is rewarded with increment. The teacher is responsible for imparting both formal and informal education to 35-40 child students between 4 to 8 years of age. Girl students are especially encouraged to enroll.

Child Education Kit

To encourage and to provide incentives to the parents and to the children for improving their enrollment and the retention of the children who have not yet been enrolled in schools, for economic or other reasons, the ‘Progress’ Child Education Center on enrolment provides each child with a free kit comprising of the following items:

  • Text books (English, Urdu, Maths, Islamiat)
  • Copies (six, hundred pages each)
  • Writing pencils( one dozen )
  • Slate chalk ( one box )
  • Rubbers ( three )
  • Sharpeners ( three )
  • Uniforms ( two pairs shalwar kameez)
  • Towels ( one pair )
  • Shoes ( one pair )
  • Soaps ( standard size three )
  • Washing powder ( three medium size )
  • Nutrients, Biscuits, Vitamins, milk and fruits

Aims  &  Objectives

The ‘Progress’ Education Centers act as a sanctuary, a child friendly place, where children can find the zone of peace and a sense of normalcy for their well being. The objective is to make and help children ready for school and the school ready for children

  • To promote and provide an opportunity of free education to children age 4 to 8 years from neglected underserved and underprivileged communities.
  • To provide formal and informal education along with the basic learning needs of the children in terms of learning tools and contents.
  • To expand, promote and provide basic education both quantitatively and qualitatively.
  • To provide an opportunity for such children to attend primary schools and to assist with their smooth transition to such schools.


Financial Implication

As Progress Education Centers cater to the educational and development needs of children from underserved, marginalized and needy communities, whose parents or families belong to low income groups, charging in terms of fees or for educational material is neither feasible nor justifiable as poverty is one of the major impediments towards the access of education.

The child education centers are currently completely funded by Foundation for Progress. The initial cost of creating these childhood education centers is comparatively high in relation to their regular operating costs. However the basic question is not whether costs are high or low, but whether or not they are high or low in relation to the out comes.

The cost effectiveness & cost benefit of the program are corroborated by positive changes in the educational & developmental status of the children as indicated by their improved learning skills, health, nutrition and psycho social development, in addition to the well being of their families, siblings and the community in general.

Our Curriculum

The curriculum and teaching methods are learner oriented i.e is the children are at the center of the learning process. Concept of active learning and development of critical thinking and creativity are encouraged. Takhti and Slates are also utilized. Learning materials include English, Urdu, Maths and Islamic text books. Development of child learning skills through experience and experimentation is encouraged. Topics like environment, health, moral building and Islamic values are also addressed.

The center opens during the morning hours from 9:30 am to 12:30 noon and the duration of this course is for a period of 6 months.


There is no single solution for increasing access to education and improving its quality. Starting from absolute essentials-children able to learn, learner able to teaching and with a center available we welcome the children and their parents, ‘Progress’, endeavors to seek and find out at risk children and encourages and assists them at attending the childhood education centers. Reaching children from the underserved, underprivileged and the marginalized families for education and care is labor intensive, time consuming and costly, but a good and necessary investment.

It is hoped that the objectives and the targets of the Progress childhood education centers of improving the child educational and development awareness and concern will be achieved by an increase in the participation (by improved access and facilities), (by improved delivery), (by qualified and motivated teachers) and through improved student achievement (by improved quality, durability, distribution and availability of teaching and learning materials).

The continuity, sustainability and the long term success of our efforts can only occur with the active support and participation of all sections and levels of the society, family and community, government and funding agencies, service providers of all sectors, the media, the private sector and civil society. As we seek their commitment we believe that this is achievable, and will be achieved.

Support And Assistance

Education matters and it matters greatly. There is a role and responsibility for every one including the government, the private sector, NGO’s, and other allied organizations to come forward and to support this basic human right. Progress requests individuals and organizations supporting and carrying out community welfare and humanitarian services to come forward and lend a helping hand, financial or material for the carrying out of our mission - To provide education to those most in need.

Your Help

The success of our child education programs greatly depends upon your support. Every donation no matter how small, counts towards improving the education and development of the underprivileged children, we assure you that all your contributions shall be acknowledged with the highest standards of trust and integrity.Donations can be made by a cheque, draft or cash in the name of Foundation for ‘Progress’.

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