The Vision of ‘Progress’



Scholars & Experts

The Scholars / Fellows assosciated and affiliated with Vision of Progress - the National Think Tank are distinguished men and women, of high excellence in academic, intellectual, public service and leadership backgrounds, from diverse professions and institutions serving in Universities, research Institutions, govt. and private sector organizations, purely with dedication and commitment to larger public and national interest, planning and guiding the academic and research activities, including projects, contracts and programs while focusing on the current and future Progress Think Tank agenda and scope of work.

The Progress Scholar are eminent individuals with a Doctoral / Postdoctoral degree or with a terminal post-graduate degree. They are the academic staff or a faculty member of a university or a similar research institution, with work experience for instance, in industry, research or a teaching institution. Retired academics, distinguished old members of the universities, eminent personalities, serving or having served or having the honor of exceptional achievements within their exceptional domain are also a visiting faculty of the Progress Think Tank.


A Progress research assosciate are individuals with a post baccalaureate degree from the academic staff or the faculty of a university or a similar research institution, striving for pursuit of knowledge and of practice, in his specialty of work, either as an independent investigator or under the supervision of a principal investigator, that will also serve the mission of the Progress Think Tank.

A Progress Think Tank visiting scholars shall not a full time employee of the Foundation for Progress.

The Think Tank scholars, experts and assosciates are assigned various topics with complete autonomy to the researchers for carrying out their research and analysis etc. Although a research topic may often take the form of an individual project, team work is actually be more common, usually within the framework of a more extensive research program that may well be interdisciplinary and involve not only the Think Tank’s own experts but also academics and specialists from elsewhere.

List of Scholers, Experts & Associates