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Vision Of 'Progress'

The National Think Tank







In today’s competing world with the pressures of globalization, increased competition, growing complexity, and the continually accelerating information explosion, the need for employees, customers, and partners to come together, exchange knowledge, gain fresh perspectives, network, and nurture relationships has never been greater.

Collaboration and partnership is one of the greatest needs of the present time for mobilizing support at all levels of the society for achieving the goals of sustainability. By forging of new partnerships - between governments, the private sector, academic and scientific communities, local communities, NGOs, industrial and the corporate sector, the media and all the stakeholders, is an important key for achieving a genuine culture of ‘Progress’ and sustainable development. ‘Progress’ extends support and cooperation to the stakeholders in all sectors of the national development.

A list of ‘Progress’ collaborating partners from the public and private sector, international organizations, the academia and the civic society are as follows: