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"The people of Pakistan desire nothing which is not their...



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Foundation For The Promotion Of Global Peace, Human Rights, Environment And Social Services

Foundation for ‘Progress’, is a 'Think Tank' and a 'Sustainable Development Organization'. It is a 2(36)(C) non-profit, non-political and independent in nature. It strive's and pursue's for attaining the goals of ‘Progress’ i.e the making of a progressive, prosperous and a ‘Better Pakistan’, for a 'Better World'. Its services and activities are carried out under its three core programs i.e Leadership For Pakistan, Meeting Challenges - National and Global and the program of Building Partnerships, Promoting Sustainability.

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"These are challenging times for Pakistan. Today the society...


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The Pakistan We Want !
The Nation's Voice

We seek a Pakistan where the universal principles of honesty, transparency, trust, equity and justice dominate in the lives of its people and the working of its government and the state institutions. We strive for the making of a Pakistan that is safe, secure and a progressive country free from extremism and terrorism, with choices (in education, health care and retirement) abound; where taxes are fair, and comprehensible; where everybody has the opportunity to go as far as their talents take them; where government concentrates on its core functions, recognizes its limits and shows favor to none, where law and justice dominates; where minorities, rich and the poor; weak and strong; men and women are treated equally and without any discrimination. Where the people are aware and conscious of their moral, social and ecological duties and responsibilities to keep their country clean, safe and a better place, for our children and our future generations. We propose policies, recommendations and implement projects, which assist in accomplishing these things.

Core Programs

Meeting Challenges,
Nat`l & Global

Vision Of Progress

The Think Tank

Emerging in wake of major political, economic, social and security challenges ‘Vision’ of Progress - The Think Tank is a multidisciplinary and a progressive knowledge based public policy research, analysis, advocacy and an engagement institution devoted to bringing the insights of scholarship to bear on the development of public policies and policy-oriented advice and perspectives on critical domestic and international issues that advanced national interest…


Leadership For

For A Peaceful, Progressive

& Prosperous Pakistan

Today in the new century the threats to our nations unity, stability and sovereignty continue to grow and expand at an alarming pace. Our future ,our freedom and our security all depend on having the right leadership. Without Pakistan’s leadership our country can become a more dangerous place— both for its citizens and their hard earned freedom. While the Pakistani people increasingly want better answers and solutions, they are getting more of slogans and promises. Recognizing this need, Foundation for Progress has undertaken...


Building Partnerships,
Promoting Sustainability


Sustainable Development

'For Poverty Alleviation'

Collaboration and partnership is one of the greatest needs of the present time for mobilizing support at all levels of the society for achieving the goals of sustainability. To confront the growing and complex agenda of national and global issues , forging of new partnerships - between governments, the private sector, academic and scientific communities, local communities, NGOs, industrial and the corporate sector, the media and other stakeholders is a key towards achieving a genuine culture of peace, progress and sustainable development...



Special Progress Initiatives

Distinguished Speaker Series

envoirmentIn the tradition of excellence, ‘Progress’ distinguished lecture series is a prestigious public forum dedicated to bringing leading national and international leaders, personalities and dignitaries to share their knowledge , their insights and perspectives on the current, emerging....


Learning & Development


We are a training and development forum dedicated to help individuals and organizations meet their business goals by promoting and developing a workforce that’s prepared to successfully develop and execute business and development strategies. We have flexible and adaptable solutions making them easy for you to scale locally and globally and....


Public Policy Conf Series


Progress public policy conference series is a Progress endeavour of convening national and international conferences and workshops on important national, regional and global issues, both on its own and in collaboration with the government, corporate sector, and international organizations, including the UN systems. The objective of these events is....



Make A Difference

‘Progress’    is working to advance     the common good     by focusing on Health,      Education,      Environment,     Poverty Alleviation, Human Rights and Peace:        the building blocks for a     better life and a progressive....


Environmental Sustainability


We are an environmental friendly initiative promoting public awareness and education on environment and development issues, working for achieving an environment that safeguards public health, promotes sustainable livelihoods and enhances quality of life, with the....



Tell A Friend

Anyone can champion the cause. Whether you’re speaking out to improve Health, Education, Environment, Poverty Alleviation, Human Rights or Peace, inspiring hope and creating opportunities or......




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Thank you      for your interest in employment opportunities at     Vision of Progress.     The national think tank we are please to state that    progress has an atmosphere    of rich critical    thinking scholarship     and      debate...




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