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"The people of Pakistan desire nothing which is not their... 


Foundation For The Promotion Of Global Peace, Human Rights, Environment And Social Services

Foundation for ‘Progress’, is a 'Think Tank' and a 'Sustainable Development Organization'. It is a 2(36)(C) non-profit, non-political and independent in nature. It strive's and pursue's for attaining the goals of ‘Progress’ i.e the making of a progressive, prosperous and a ‘Better Pakistan’, for a 'Better World'. Its services and activities are carried out under its three core programs i.e Leadership For Pakistan, Meeting Challenges - National and Global and the program of Building Partnerships, Promoting Sustainability.

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"These are challenging times for Pakistan. Today the society...



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Core Programs

Meeting Challenges Nat`l & Global

Vision Of Progress

The National Think Tank
Turning Ideas into Results
National Think Tank is a group of specialists individuals in the fields of foreign affairs, defence, economics, politics, conflict resolution, science and technology, social sciences, business and industry and environment that helps…


Leadership For Pakistan

For A Peaceful, Progressive And Prosperous Pakistan

The freedom and security of Pakistan depend on Pakistan’s leadership. Without Pakistan's leadership our country can become a more dangerous place— both for its citizens and their hard earned freedom. While the Pakistani people increasingly want better...


Promoting Sustainability

Poverty Allieviation

'The Greatest Challenge'

We all want to live in a peaceful and stable Pakistan. Peace and security are critical to poverty elimination. We have to understand the causes of conflict and help resolve disputes without resorting...




Commentary Global Issues

Special Progress Initiatives



Make A Difference

‘Progress’    is working to advance     the common good     by focusing on Health,      Education,      Environment,     Poverty Alleviation, Human Rights and Peace:        the building blocks for a     better life and a progressive......



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Anyone can champion the cause. Whether you’re speaking out to improve Health, Education, Environment, Poverty Alleviation, Human Rights or Peace, inspiring hope and creating opportunities or......




Thank you      for your interest in employment opportunities at     Vision of Progress.     The national think tank we are please to state that    progress has an atmosphere    of rich critical    thinking scholarship     and      debate...




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